New Addition to the Group

New Addition to the Group

An introduction to Aerocare Component Services, now offering the following services;

Heat Exchangers

We have the ability to test and accomplish minor, major repairs and overhaul on all Heat Exchangers, Pre-Coolers, Oil-Coolers, Reheaters etc. Any re-core requirements we project manage on behalf of the customer direct with the O.E.M. We also have the ability particularly on any AOG requirements, to provide service exchange replacements.


At any one time our workshop is maintaining or repairing a variety of engine nacelles e.g, C.N.A’s, thrust reversers, air intakes , exhaust nozzles, Inlets etc.. We also have the expertise to accomplish minor and / or major repairs of various types of flying control surfaces , flaps, slats etc … and have accomplished repairs and modifications of passenger, cargo and under carriage doors.


We have the capability to repair virtually every kind of composite or glass reinforced plastic structure, our composite workshop provides a vital service for airlines requiring emergency or scheduled repair work with the ability to work both on and off wing. We also manufacture and fabricate cargo wall, floor and sidewall panels at approximately 50% MLP.


Our CAA approved licensed TIG welders, whether in the workshop, on-wing or off-site have all necessary approvals. We also have equipment and approval for spot (poke) welding commonly used in the repair of thermal blankets on thrust reversers.


We have the ability to maintain, test, charge and recharge all type of aircraft batteries. Aerocare has C5 rating approval for maintenance and test of sealed / semi-sealed Ni-cad Alkaline and emergency batteries.

For more information on any of our products or services, please don't hesitate to get in touch!