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About This Project

Aqueous Solution for both personal hygiene and disinfection/sanitising of surfaces.
Aerocare 1-03 is the key ingredient in all our cleaning and sanitation products, providing ongoing microbial resistance to bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Available in:

    • Concentrate, 5L & 20L
    • Ready For Use, 5L & 20L
    • Wipes, 150 Wipe Tub
    • Individual Sachet Wipes, Box of 1000
    • Foaming Hand Sanitiser, 50mL & 150mL Foaming Pump


Features in Brief
Non Toxic, Non Irritant, Non Hazardous, Ecologically Harmless.
Aerocare 1-03 is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungal to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, and BS 6920.

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